Soaking rain continues today

11 AM, July 30, 2014.

Steady rain has been falling in Boulder this morning at the rate of about 0.20″ per hour, although that intensity varies a bit on the short time scale. The day will stay wet with long periods of light rain and drizzle punctuated by heavier showers and possibly a thundershower.

The intensity of the heavier showers should be lower than yesterday’s thunderstorms when 2-4 inches accumulated quickly in parts of Larimer and Weld counties and out on the northeastern Colorado plains. Today’s rain is likely to bring another widespread 0.25- 0.50″ this afternoon and evening, and some local areas will probably get 1-2 inches. The ground is getting pretty wet, so watch out for areas of minor flooding and possibly a few locations with more serious debris flows.

Today’s record low maximum temperature for Boulder is a remarkable 57 set on a cool, damp July 30th in 2009. We are already warmer than that. The record low maximum in Denver is 64 set in 2009 and that one is within reach. The wettest July 30th in Boulder is 1.74″ set in 1998 and it is very likely that we are well over that as of 11 AM.

The somewhat moist monsoon pattern is likely to continue into early next week, although it should be warmer and less wet Thursday. But be prepared for some afternoon showers/thunderstorms. Whether we get another round of widespread heavy rain after tomorrow is uncertain, but I’ll update as needed.

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