Showery today, much colder late in week

It looks like two cold fronts are headed our way. One today will make things a bit cooler, and one late Thursday will be followed by much colder weather.


Expect a mostly cloudy and showery day today and into tonight, maybe even a thunderstorm. The moisture content of the atmosphere is high, so there could be a few local areas that receive some brief heavy rain. By late in the day the winds may be turning mostly to the north behind the first cool front.


Wednesday and Thursday should be cooler, but not exceptionally cool (probably highs  of 60s in lower elevations), and a bit drier but still with some clouds and a small chance of afternoon showers. The most interesting weather event of the week should be late Thursday into Friday morning when a strong cold front arrives. Expect low clouds and some rain or drizzle. At this point it looks like the biggest push of precipitation will be through before the coldest part of the air mass arrives. So I don’t expect the first snowflakes or frosts in the lower foothills or plains, but I also cannot rule it out 100%. Temperatures in the lower elevations are most likely to bottom out in the 35-40 range Friday and/or Saturday morning, but I will update later in the week. The upper foothills and mountains have a better chance of some snow and freezing temperatures Thursday night and Friday morning.



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