update: Mainly wet tonight, with some chance for snow

4:15 PM, Thursday, September 11, 2014

It still looks like a drizzly period through Friday morning punctuated by some areas of rain this evening, and rain or snow after midnight.

In addition to the low stratus clouds that have been over eastern Colorado all day, there are now east-west bands of taller clouds and precipitation developing in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado. The result for the eastern Colorado foothills and plains should be drizzle this evening with occasional rain, mixing with or changing to occasional snow in the foothills. After midnight, drizzle with occasional rain or snow in all areas.  Most areas below 6000 feet will probably have no accumulation. But I think about 1/3 of the area will see up to an inch on grassy surfaces and cars. In the foothills we will probably see 0-3 inches with most areas getting at least a small coating of snow. Roads should be fine.

Temperatures in the low elevations are likely to be around or a little above freezing. Temperatures may also fall into the 30s Friday night with the possibility of patchy frosts, especially in cold spots like river valleys.

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