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Maybe a little winter weather next week

Some parts of the lower elevations along the Front Range received a very minor snowfall on September 12th, but for many areas it hasn’t happened yet. There is a chance on Monday, but a major storm is not expected.


The storm in question will reach the West Coast tomorrow and bring some much needed snow to the California Sierras Friday night and Saturday. It appears to be the kind of storm that will gradually weaken as it moves across the Rockies. It’s possible that it will result in no precipitation along the Front Range, but right now the odds favor a colder period Sunday night thru Tuesday with some periods of mainly light precipitation Monday (Sunday on the West Slope). So the chances are good for some light snow accumulation in the foothills and mountains, and there is at least a small chance for a little wet snow accumulation (after some rain initially) in the lower elevations of the Front Range. I will update tomorrow or over the weekend.


It appears that as of this weekend parts of Virginia and North Carolina will get their first significant snow before the Front Range!

Record warm thru Saturday, cold front Monday

1:00 PM, Friday, October 24, 2014.

Another fine weekend is in store. The record high temperature today and tomorrow for Denver is 80 degrees both days. For Boulder it is 81 today and 80 Saturday. As of 1PM Denver was already 79 degrees. It is likely that we will reach the records on both days. Sunday will also be warm, but not as warm, and maybe a bit windy, especially in exposed high elevation areas.

A cold front on Monday is not likely to be very cold or moist. But it will increase the chance for a bit of rain or snow (especially in the mountains). Nothing big is expected and temperatures will just slip a little below average for a day or two.

For many parts of the Denver-Boulder area there has not been a damaging hard freeze yet. That’s unusual for this late into October. The coldest so far in Boulder this season was 32 on September 12th when we also had our first 0.5 inch of snow. Remember that? It may get frosty here on Tuesday morning, but that’s not a given yet.

Some of you may have heard that a giant sunspot complex observed this week is the biggest aimed at Earth in 24 years. Large sunspots are known to launch major solar storms toward Earth which can cause auroral displays and telecommunication disruptions.So far this sunspot has been surprisingly quiet. Scientist are watching for activity from this sunspot over the next day or two, and then it will not be aimed at Earth anymore.

Mild and Dry Autumn Weekend

It’s the weekend so I am writing a weather blog. But there isn’t much to say except that it will be a good weekend for the outdoors.  Temperatures should be near to slightly above average and dry weather is expected statewide. The only possibility for a few showers is in the southern mountains, and even there the chance is very low.

For the real weather geeks, Bermuda is getting quite a lashing from Hurricane Gonzalo today. Here is a link to a webcam and radar for the area, but I wouldn’t be surprised if both fail at some point today.

Link to the radar loop

Colder late Sunday, quick shot of rain/snow

Friday, 10 October 2014, 1:00 PM

Saturday is looking like the warmest day of the weekend for outdoor activity. Expect dry weather and near average temperatures (around 70 in the Denver-Boulder area).

Sunday should start out mild and dry, but a fast moving storm system and accompanying cold front is likely to sweep from north to south across the area during the afternoon. It’s less moist than the recent storm on Thursday, but it’s also a bit colder. Expect only minor precipitation amounts, with rain changing to snow in the foothills (mainly above 6500 feet). Accumulations may be enough to whiten the ground in the lower foothills, with maybe 2-3 inches of wet snow around Nederland and Brainard Lake. Minor snow accumulation is likely along many of the high peaks and passes in central Colorado.  Although it’s possible that the rain could change to snow in Denver and/or Boulder late Sunday, it is more likely that the rain will end Sunday evening before it’s cold enough.

After a frosty start on Monday morning, expect a dry and pleasantly cool autumn day.

Lunar eclipse early Wed; wet weather returns Thursday

Tuesday, 07 October 2014, 12:45 PM.

Although I can’t rule out some cirrus clouds getting in the way, it is looking likely that there will be mostly clear to clear skies in the predawn hours Wednesday. The lunar eclipse will begin about 3:30 AM Wednesday and be in totality from about 4:25-5:25 AM.

The remnants of the Pacific’s Hurricane Simon had been expected to bring rain to southern Colorado Thursday and/or Friday. Now it’s looking more likely that the rain will affect most of the state. Prepare for wet weather as early as Thursday, but more likely Thursday night into Friday, with snow levels staying above treeline. There is the possibility of a soaking rain for the Denver-Boulder area.

Fine Autumn Weather

Friday, October 3, 2014, NOON.

Early autumn is often (but not always) a nice time of year after the summer thunderstorms but before the winter snow. The next 5 days will live up to that reputation with dry weather statewide, cool mornings, and mild afternoons. Temperatures should be near average which is around 70 in the Denver-Boulder area and 50s at Nederland’s elevation.

The “water year” which runs October through September ended a few days ago with 23.19 inches of precipitation in Boulder for the year. That’s just a little above the 30-year average (1984-2013) of 21.03 inches.