Colder late Sunday, quick shot of rain/snow

Friday, 10 October 2014, 1:00 PM

Saturday is looking like the warmest day of the weekend for outdoor activity. Expect dry weather and near average temperatures (around 70 in the Denver-Boulder area).

Sunday should start out mild and dry, but a fast moving storm system and accompanying cold front is likely to sweep from north to south across the area during the afternoon. It’s less moist than the recent storm on Thursday, but it’s also a bit colder. Expect only minor precipitation amounts, with rain changing to snow in the foothills (mainly above 6500 feet). Accumulations may be enough to whiten the ground in the lower foothills, with maybe 2-3 inches of wet snow around Nederland and Brainard Lake. Minor snow accumulation is likely along many of the high peaks and passes in central Colorado.  Although it’s possible that the rain could change to snow in Denver and/or Boulder late Sunday, it is more likely that the rain will end Sunday evening before it’s cold enough.

After a frosty start on Monday morning, expect a dry and pleasantly cool autumn day.

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