Maybe a little winter weather next week

Some parts of the lower elevations along the Front Range received a very minor snowfall on September 12th, but for many areas it hasn’t happened yet. There is a chance on Monday, but a major storm is not expected.


The storm in question will reach the West Coast tomorrow and bring some much needed snow to the California Sierras Friday night and Saturday. It appears to be the kind of storm that will gradually weaken as it moves across the Rockies. It’s possible that it will result in no precipitation along the Front Range, but right now the odds favor a colder period Sunday night thru Tuesday with some periods of mainly light precipitation Monday (Sunday on the West Slope). So the chances are good for some light snow accumulation in the foothills and mountains, and there is at least a small chance for a little wet snow accumulation (after some rain initially) in the lower elevations of the Front Range. I will update tomorrow or over the weekend.


It appears that as of this weekend parts of Virginia and North Carolina will get their first significant snow before the Front Range!

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