Chance for snow is fading

NOON, Monday, Nov 3, 2014

The storm system moving through the area peaked early, and was not cold enough for snow in the lower elevations. But it did bring thunder and some hail to many areas in the early morning. These thunderstorms were quite unusual for the time of year and the time of day!


Although most of the storm’s energy has moved through, there is a little hanging back that is causing an area of light intermittent precipitation across northern Colorado (north of Longmont at NOON) and southeastern Wyoming.  There has been some moderate snow in Cheyenne, but it’s lighter in Larimer County, and mainly rain in the lower elevations. Webcams show Fort Collins is wet, not white.


The area of precipitation is progressing more eastward than southward, so it probably won’t reach Denver or Boulder. But I can’t yet rule out the small chance that the precipitation will shift southward into the Denver-Boulder-Longmont area. Even if it does, additional accumulation up around Nederland is likely to be minor, and inch of less, and if the lower elevations get any rain or snow, there should be little or no accumulation.


The rest of the workweek is looking dry, and probably getting pretty mild by Thursday.

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