Cold wave begins Monday

1:00 PM MST, Saturday, Nov 8, 2014

Enjoy an unseasonably warm Sunday because a cold wave beginning Monday will bring temperatures that would be below average even if it were January. It will be felt very strongly for the Front Range mountains and eastern plains of Colorado and southeastern Wyoming, with lesser effects in western Colorado.

There is a chance the cold front won’t be through the Front Range area by Monday morning, but it is expected to be much colder by Monday evening with a good chance for light snow or snow grains developing by then. Beginning Monday night, low temperatures will likely drop to the teens or lower, and daytime temperatures will struggle to get into the 20s even in the lower elevations.

There is likely to be widespread 1-2 inches of snow throughout the Front Range and eastern plains beginning Monday afternoon or evening. There may be some localized areas in and along the Front Range that may see 2-4 inches, but a major snow event is not expected. Areas of freezing drizzle and ice fog may develop along the Front Range, especially during the nights and early mornings.

When will temperatures recover? There may be some moderation by the end of the week, but all indications right now are that another cold front next weekend can keep the below average temperatures in place. So the bottom line is that while some days may not be as cold as others, the 5-7 day period beginning Monday will feature below average temperatures and icy conditions at times.

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