Monday cold wave update

NOON, Monday, November 10, 2014

As expected, temperatures really plummeted across northeastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming this morning, and the cold front will push its way through southeastern Colorado this afternoon. The areas of snow have been sparse, but the snow is organized in east-west bands where there is local accumulation occurring. Through this evening the snowfall is likely to range from barely a dusting in many places to about 3 inches in some localized areas. Most of the Front Range corridor will probably get around an inch. Later tonight there may be areas of freezing drizzle and ice fog along the Front Range.

The coldest air is likely to be in place Tuesday evening through Thursday morning, with another round of light snow likely late Tuesday into Wednesday that can produce 1-3 inches in and along the Front Range. Nighttime temperatures should drop into the single digits, and the high temperature Wednesday will only reach the teens. It’s possible that the overcast will thin a bit Wednesday night. If it does, there may be a few valley areas on the plains that dip below zero.

The cold will remain but become a little less intense by the end of the week. Another cold front Saturday should prevent any big warm up and maybe bring a little more snow.

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