Brrr! More snow, maybe a record low.

12:30 PM, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More cold air will push down through eastern Wyoming into eastern Colorado giving us our coldest 36 hours beginning Tuesday night. And there will be more snow accumulation too. Morning lows on Wednesday should be mostly in the 0 to 5 degree range and on Thursday morning expect mostly -6 to 0 readings. Wednesday maximum temperatures are likely to be within a few degrees of 10.

The snow has been and will continue to be very fluffy, so just a small amount of moisture goes a long way. From Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon expect additional totals to range 1-4 inches, with the higher end of that range more likely in and near the foothills and Palmer Divide of Boulder, Jefferson, Gilpin, and Douglas counties, as well as north of the Wyoming state line into the Cheyenne area. The best chance for accumulation on roadways will be this evening through Wednesday morning.

On Thursday we may see occasional thinning of the overcast and on Friday we will probably see temperatures rise above freezing. But it still looks like another cold front and chance for snow arrives sometime Saturday.

The record lows on Wednesday and Thursday for Denver are -4 and -3, and for Boulder they are -6 and -2. We probably won’t break records on Wednesday morning, but there is certainly a chance on Thursday morning.

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