Mild Saturday, Colder Sunday, Snow in Mountains

12:30 MST, Friday, November 21, 2014

Front Range foothills and eastern plains:

Enjoy a mild Saturday and then a change to colder weather Sunday-Tuesday, but not bitter cold. After low 50s in the lower elevations Saturday, we are likely to be mainly in the mid 30s to around 40 Sunday -Tuesday. Lots of Pacific moisture will be affecting the mountains, but the air mass will be drying as it moves east of the continental divide. So little or no snow is expected on this side except as you get close to the continental divide (west of Peak to Peak Hwy). It may be breezy at times.

Mountains and western Colorado:

Pacific moisture will likely bring occasional widespread snow to western areas and the mountains from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday night. There will be lull periods alternating with periods of significant accumulation in the mountains, especially west-facing slopes where three day totals are likely to run in the 10-20 inch range. Some of that should make it over to the higher areas of the Front Range like Brainard Lake.  The periods where significant accumulation appear most likely are Saturday evening into early Sunday, and again on Monday.


There was some uncertainty over the last couple days regarding a storm system moving in from the Pacific next week. It now appears likely that Wednesday-Friday next week will see pleasant late autumn weather statewide.

If you are traveling there are no obvious huge storms for Wednesday and Thursday, but there is a big storm just skimming the East Coast that will be watched.  It is very likely that bitter cold weather will be in place over the upper midwest, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley.

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