Cooler, unsettled weather returns this weekend

NOON, Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The long stretch of quiescent weather in Colorado and southern Wyoming is likely to change this weekend. The change should be felt first in western Colorado by Saturday afternoon, and then in eastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming on Sunday.

A moist Pacific storm will bring heavy precipitation to the West Coast over the next few days and then move into the southwestern states. The impact in Colorado and southeastern Wyoming will be for cloudier weather, colder but not bitter cold, and at least some light precipitation. There may even be rain in western Colorado valleys Saturday afternoon or evening.

There is the possibility that this storm might evolve in a way to produce a period of heavy snowfall, but it is uncertain where along the Front Range from New Mexico to Wyoming that might be. At this point Front Range residents from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne should expect at least a minor snowfall Sunday.

Until then we will be unseasonably warm with temperatures running 5-15 degrees above average, and maybe 20 degrees above average is parts of eastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming on Friday. The will put much of the Front Range urban corridor in the 60s for max temperatures.

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