Late day snow likely on Christmas

1:00 PM, Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Front Range residents should wake up to relatively mild, dry weather on Christmas morning, but it is likely to be snowing by nightfall.

A cold front is expected to move north-to-south from southeastern Wyoming in the late morning to the New Mexico border by early evening, probably through Denver-Boulder by early afternoon. Clouds are likely to increase and precipitation should start within a few hours of the front. Accumulating snow may make travel very icy along the Front Range by early evening on Christmas Day.

Expect a general 3-6 inches by midday Friday, but maybe a little more than 6 in the foothills. Some light snow and clouds may linger through Friday.

For western Colorado, expect winter travel conditions, especially at the passes on Christmas Day.

It still appears that there is potential for a very cold air mass and more snow early next week.

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