Arctic cold front Sunday night

1:00 PM, Friday, December 26, 2014

Showery snow should linger through this evening and result in some light additional accumulation in some areas. Then the Front Range region should be drier Saturday and through the day on Sunday.

The next cold front, probably Sunday night, will bring very cold air from the arctic regions of Canada. It will get colder statewide, but most notably for the Front Range, eastern Colorado & Wyoming. Even in the lower elevations daytime temperatures are likely to remain below 20 Monday through Wednesday, and maybe below 10 on Tuesday. Morning low temperatures will probably dip below zero on the coldest morning (Tue and/or Wed).

It does not look like a heavy snow situation for the Front Range, but that can’t be ruled out yet. What does look likely is a long period with clouds  and mainly light snow from Sunday night through Tuesday night that will probably add up to something in the 3-6 inch range.

The west slope is likely to see some mountain snow move back in on Sunday after a mainly dry day on Saturday, and then periods of snow during the early to midweek period.

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