Very cold Tues night, then less cold

12:15 PM, Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This morning was probably the coldest morning for foothills locations, and tonight will likely be the coldest night for the lower elevations, especially river valleys. Occasional snow and ice crystals into this evening won’t amount to much more accumulation. The sun should continue to be dimly visible at times and won’t be enough to warm temperatures much more than the +1 to +7 range (maybe staying below zero in some foothills locations). There should be more sun on Wednesday as temperatures climb to the 20s.

The middle and upper atmosphere will begin to warm tonight, but because of clearing skies and radiational cooling, low spots like river valleys will probably drop into the minus teens. Other areas will probably drop into the -5 to -10 range in the early to middle part of the night. Toward morning the temperature may start to rise slowly, especially in and near the foothills.

Thursday and Friday will be warmer, but not really all that mild, and there is a good chance that many areas won’t quite make it to freezing on New Years Day. A cold upper level storm system over the desert southwest should move east across New Mexico on Thursday and Friday, likely bringing some light snow to southern Colorado, especially the mountains. There is a slight chance for some clouds and light snow in the Denver-Boulder area late on New Years Day, but it will probably stay dry.

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