Chinook winds & milder, then colder, then mild again

12:30 PM, Sunday, January 4, 2014

The temperature flip-flop is beginning. Much milder temperatures are likely over the next 48 hours, but with some strong Chinook winds in and along the Front Range Sunday night and Monday. Then it is likely to be cold again on Wednesday, probably mild Thursday, and maybe colder again at the end of the week. This flip-flop in temperatures will be mainly in eastern Colorado (including the Front Range) and southeastern Wyoming.

Western Colorado should be mainly dry with near to above average temperature this week. Some minor snow shower activity and gusty winds in exposed areas are likely north of I-70.

Front Range Wind

From Sunday night into Monday night the Front Range foothills are likely to have periods of strong westerly wind gusts into the 60-80 mph range. This will likely cause areas of blowing snow, especially when the wind first kicks in. Even along the foothills, places like Boulder and the western suburbs of Denver are likely to have some periods of strong winds gusting over 60 mph. Watch for blowing snow before temperatures get warm enough to start melting the snow (wet snow does not blow around very easily). Temperatures on Monday where the Chinook winds are blowing along the foothills should climb above 50.

Mid week cold:

The next cold front late Tuesday should make Wednesday a cold day. But the cold air will be shallow, so little or no snow is expected. Low clouds and maybe some areas of freezing drizzle are possible by Wednesday morning along the Front Range and in the Colorado/Wyoming eastern plains.

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