Cold Wednesday, milder Thursday, then cold Friday

12:00 noon, Tuesday, January 6, 2014

A very strong and cold high pressure system is moving south into the Great Plains, and the Front Range will be on the edge of that cold blast tonight and tomorrow. The shallow cold air will have a notable impact along the Front Range lower foothills and across the eastern plains, but little impact to the west side of the continental divide. Even Nederland may stay above the coldest air.

Expect the cold front to move into the Cheyenne area and the northeastern Colorado plains this evening, then the Denver-Boulder area in the 9PM-midnight period, and Colorado Springs after midnight. Little or no snow snow is expected, but low clouds and areas of ice fog and freezing drizzle are possible by Wednesday morning. Temperatures will probably stay below freezing all day Wednesday, and maybe in the teens out on the high plains.

Thursday should be a milder interval after a chilly start, and then Thursday night and Friday are likely to bring another cold, cloudy period from the foothills eastward across the plains.

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