Cold and damp through Tuesday

1:35 PM, Monday, January 12, 2015

There are breaks in the overcast over western Colorado this afternoon, but the Front Range region and eastern plains are likely to stay overcast and damp. Temperatures won’t rise much this afternoon, and Tuesday is likely to be only a few degrees warmer but still below freezing in many areas.

Little snow is expected along the Front Range and eastern plains of Colorado and Wyoming. But given the large & diffuse storm system to our west (that will pass well to the south), there is a small chance of some intermittent light snow Monday night into Tuesday evening. Accumulation should range from nothing to 1 inch, except an inch or two as you go south from the Colorado Springs area.

Western Colorado is more likely to see light snow accumulation Tuesday, with heavy snow (over a foot) likely in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.

My next blog post will be on Sunday. Milder weather appears likely Wednesday afternoon into the weekend, with maybe a tendency for windy conditions by the end of the week.

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