Cold front Monday evening

12:10 PM, Monday, January 19, 2015.

A cold front that will move across Colorado and southeastern Wyoming this evening won’t be very dramatic, but it will begin a several-day period with slightly below average temperatures east of the continental divide. Afternoons are likely to be mainly in the 35-40 range for the Boulder-Denver metro area.

There may be some intermittent rain and then snow tonight with some light accumulation. But most of the Front Range region will probably have little or no accumulation.Tuesday and Wednesday are likely to have some intervals of clouds with a small chance of some light snow.  The best chance of snow for the Boulder-Denver area after tonight is late Wednesday, but it’s still a small chance.  The chance for light accumulation Wednesday is better south of Denver.

You may notice by late in the week that some of your geekier weather friends are talking about the cold in the eastern U.S. contrasting with some unusual warmth along the West Coast.  It does appear that we will get into one for those extreme patterns, especially out west.

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