Snowy afternoon commute on Wednesday

6:05 AM, Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moisture spreading up from the south and a storm system from the NW will combine to bring snow across the Front Range  and eastern Colorado, especially south of Denver.  Snow is underway south of Denver, and  should develop during the day farther north, peak in the late afternoon and early evening, and end overnight.  The timing means that it will likely be a wintry commute this evening in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, with lesser impacts in Fort Collins and Longmont, and little of no impact in Cheyenne.


North of a line from Estes Park to Longmont to Frederick: a dusting to about 1 inch

Boulder, Broomfield, and the northeast side of Denver: this area should be on the edge of the heavier snow and will likely get at least a brief period of moderate or heavy snow– 1-4 inches.

South and west side of Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo: 3-7 inches (heaviest near the foothills).

In and near the foothills southwest of Denver, the Palmer Divide, and the Pikes Peak region: 6-10 inches.

The Sangre de Cristo Range: 10-18 inches.

Only light amounts are expected along the I-70 corridor west of the continental divide.

Drier weather is expected Thursday with afternoon temperatures above freezing

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