More seasonable weather returns Thursday

12:00 noon, Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The temperature this afternoon is likely to reach or exceed the record high of 68 for Boulder.  Denver’s record of 76, also the monthly record, will be more difficult to reach, but it is already 71 there as of noon, so we’ll get close. Although Wednesday is likely to be 15-20 degrees cooler, it will still be above average.

Beginning Thursday we are likely to get a string of days with temperatures closer to average, maybe even a little below average by Saturday.  There will be more clouds around Thursday-Friday, but the chance of precipitation in the Colorado Springs to Cheyenne corridor is quite small. There is a better chance for some light precipitation by Friday south of Colorado Springs and in the mountains south of I-70.

The next chance of snow along the Front Range that’s worth watching is timed for late Friday into Saturday. I will update later in the week. For now enjoy the 70 degrees. Although it’s not unheard of to get an occasional 70-degree day in January, most years don’t produce warmth of that magnitude.

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