1-day Winter Comeback on Wednesday

12:00 noon, Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter returns to the area on Wednesday with colder temperatures and probably a minor snowfall for the Denver-Boulder area. But milder temperatures should return by Thursday afternoon and last through the weekend, perhaps with gusty winds at times in the mountains and along the eastern foothills.

Snow (predawn hours through late afternoon Wed):

Like last Saturday night there isn’t an organized storm system. A combination of jet stream location, a little atmospheric instability, and some northeasterly low-level wind behind the front should lead to low clouds and some light snow, with some localized northwest-southeast bands of heavier snow (oriented with the jet stream). But there are some differences from Saturday.  The atmosphere is not quite as unstable, and the jet stream (and associated snow bands) should be mainly in Wyoming.

Colorado Springs and south: little or no accumulation

Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins and lower foothills: 20% chance of an inch or less. 70% chance of 1-4 inches. 10% chance of a few hours of heavy snow, 4-6 inches.

Cheyenne: 40% chance of 1-4 inches. 60% chance of 4-7 inches, mainly from some periods of heavy snow during the late night and morning.

Mountains: westerly upslope tonight into tomorrow should result in 6-12 inches in the mountains (mainly I-70 and north) and west facing slopes, as well as within a few miles of the continental divide on the east side.

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