Brief mid-week visit from winter

2:00 PM, Sunday, February 8, 2015

It’s another mild, breezy day in Colorado and Wyoming, although a little cooler than Friday and Saturday. We have a couple more mild days, then a colder spell with some snow Tuesday night and Wednesday, and probably a return to mild later in the week. The snow early Wednesday looks minor, but I’ll update on Tuesday.

Warmth: Monday may become the 5th 70-degree day for Denver and Boulder since January 26th if the high clouds stay away, an impressive mid-winter occurrence. The record Monday in Denver is 73 and in Boulder it’s 78, both set in 1954.  Denver has a small chance of reaching it, Boulder has no chance.  Was it really 78 in 1954? Probably not since the poor exposure of the thermometer in Boulder back then lead to a number of impressive heat records in 1954 that were likely too high by a few degrees. But it’s what we have to work with!

Cold: If you are on business travel this week, the west generally remains warmer than average while the east is cold. An impressive cold wave is likely late in the week for the Northeast U.S.

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