Wednesday: colder, maybe a little precipitation

12:00 noon, Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This week’s cold front will barely get temperatures back to near “average” before a return to mild Thursday afternoon. A minor snow (initially rain) is expected Tuesday night and/or Wednesday morning, mainly south of Denver. The atmosphere is a bit unstable, so there may be some east-west bands of heavier precipitation.


North of a line from Lyons to Frederick: 70% chance of no snow, 30% chance of a dusting to 1 inch

For the Denver-Boulder area and adjacent lower foothills: 30% chance of no snow, 60% chance of a dusting to 1 inch, 10% chance of more than an inch.

In and along the foothills from the south Denver suburbs through Colorado Springs and Pueblo: 10% chance of no snow, 70% chance of a dusting to 3 inches, 20% chance of local areas over 3 inches.

For the upper foothills and mountains: 1-3 inches north of I-70, 3-7 inches south of I-70


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