Update: Accumulating snow likely today and /or this evening (Sunday)

6:45 AM, Sunday, February 15, 2015

Yesterday I indicated a small chance of accumulating snow in the Denver-Boulder area for today, and a better chance on Monday.  This morning it appears that there is a good chance for accumulating snow by early afternoon in the Cheyenne area, and progressing north-to-south this afternoon for Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver. It may not reach Colorado Springs until late in the day or evening.

Accumulations may not be large, but the snow is likely to organize in narrow northwest-southeast bands. There may be some brief periods of moderate to heavy snow that result in winter road conditions, especially late in the day for the Colorado Front Range.

Accumulations: generally 1-3 inches, with some more localized areas of 3-5 inches through this evening.  In Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Cheyenne through this evening I’d say there is a 70% chance of 1-3″, a 20% chance of 3-5″, and a 10% chance of more than 5″.  For the higher mountains of the Front Range, 4-7 inches with locally up to 10. Mountain areas farther west will probably receive less.

Additional light snow is likely in and near the foothills on Monday. Mild weather should return Wednesday.

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