More snow today, probably a lull Friday

8:50 AM, Thursday, February 26, 2015

It was another storm of noteworthy variation, with snow exceeding expectations near the foothills of Boulder and Jefferson County where over a foot occurred in some places (12.1 so far in Boulder). Very little fell in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs on the downwind side a prominent east-west ridges. Today and tonight should have periods of snow as well as periods when the sun briefly shines through thinning in the overcast.  It appears that there may be an enhanced period with accumulating snow in the late afternoon or evening. Additional accumulation is likely to vary from a dusting to as much as 4 inches.

If we get a lull in activity it will most likely be Friday into early Saturday.  A storm this weekend should produce plentiful snow in many of the mountains areas, especially the San Juans, Elks, and Sangre de Cristos. Some of the snow (at least a few inches) will probably reach the east slopes of the Front Range late Saturday and/or Sunday. And it’s not over then either. Additional periods of snow are likely along the Front Range through Wednesday. I’ll give more details in the coming days.

I don’t think Denver got the 4.9 inches it needed for a new February record, but I have not seen the DIA report yet. Boulder is up to 50.5 inches of snow for the month. Only two months in the Boulder record had more (56.7 March 1970, 52.5 Dec 1913).  But accurate snowfall records only began in Boulder in 1990. Poor siting and old measuring techniques likely cause the older records to be at least 20% lower than equivalent storms today. So the 56.7″ in March 1970 would probably be close to 70″ if it were measured today.  Still, we have accumulated an impressive total for February so far, well ahead of any previous February and particularly noteworthy since January and February are typically the drier winter months. And, February has 2-3 fewer days than the other months!

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