Next chance for snow late Sat/Sun, then more Tue

12:20 PM, Friday, February 27, 2015

A large storm system over the western United States will bring heavy snows to the mountains of Colorado late Saturday through Sunday night.  Well over 2 feet is likely in some areas, especially west-facing slopes south of I-70.

For the Front Range this weekend, some intermittent light snow is likely in and along the foothills Saturday through Sunday, mainly late Saturday into Sunday. Accumulations are likely to be light for most areas (a dusting to 3 inches). However, there may be some narrow bands oriented southwest to northeast that produce a few hours of heavier snow for a subset of the area. I’d put that at about a 20% chance for any specific part of the Denver to Cheyenne corridor, and less chance in Colorado Springs.


Unsettled weather continues into next week, but it looks like Monday will probably be a bit warmer along the Front Range with temperatures possibly climbing above 40 degrees along the foothills. Another strong cold front on Tuesday has the potential to bring another significant snowfall to the Front Range region.


It appears we may be in for a warm up late next week, but that’s still pretty far off for me to have high confidence.


Denver set a new February snowfall record of 22.2 inches. It’s possible they will add a little to that Saturday night. Pueblo is only 1.4 inches from  from its February snowfall record of 20.1, and it was still snowing lightly this morning but I don’t think they reached it. Boulder is up to an impressive 54.6 inches. The climate day in Boulder ends at 5PM, so there isn’t much time to add more to this total tomorrow, but we might.

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