Spring storm continues into Friday

12:15 PM, Thursday, April 16, 2015

The worst of the storm is likely to last at least through Friday morning, but unsettled weather with some periods of precipitation are likely into the weekend.  At 11AM the first round of heavy precipitation at UCAR’s Center Green campus in Boulder had ended and resulted in 2.7 inches of snow that contained 0.45 of liquid. That’s a 6-to-1 ratio… very wet snow!

Additional periods of moderate and heavy precipitation are likely into Friday. The heaviest is likely from Denver to Cheyenne and nearby mountains with storm totals of 1-3 inches of liquid equivalent by Friday night. Significant precipitation is likely in Colorado Springs, but totals should be lower there.


For the Front Range above 7000 feet, 12-30 inches is likely from Pikes Peak northward, with the heaviest probably in Boulder and Larimer counties of Colorado and the Laramie Range in Wyoming.  For the foothills from 6000-7000 feet, expect 6-12 inches of dense snow.

For elevations below 6000 feet, there is still uncertainty, with rain likely mixing in. Accumulations are likely to be highly variable over short distances, from 1-8 inches, with some accumulation on roads during periods of heavier snow. Historically, a progression from snow to rain is uncommon in this region, but this appears to be a storm where that will probably happen. So the chance of more than 8 inches snow is quite small, but you should probably not park under trees that have leafed out, just in case.

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