Intermittent precipitation likely through the weekend

12:30 PM, Friday, April 17, 2015

The wettest part of the storm is over for most of the Front Range region, but the storm system isn’t going far and is likely to impact the weather in Colorado and Wyoming through the weekend.

The precipitation Friday afternoon is likely to become more intermittent, and it already has south of Denver. It should be mainly rain below 6000 feet, but more snow accumulation (maybe 6-12 inches) is likely in the Front Range mountains, especially north of I-70 and above 7000 feet.  A few spots may see a few showers or a thunderstorm that produce brief heavy rain (or snow) and maybe some small hail. We have already seen a few of those along the Front Range.

It appears that the weekend may feature more dry hours than wet hours, but don’t expect a mostly sunny Spring weekend. Occasional periods of thickening clouds and precipitation are likely, and maybe a few heavier showers or a thundershower in the afternoons.  By Saturday night or Sunday morning slightly colder air may work down from the north and result in more snow than rain even in the lower elevations. A major storm is not expected, but accumulating snow (1-6 inches) at all elevations is possible Saturday night and/or Sunday in and along the Front Range.

It could be Tuesday next week before it feels like Spring again. But the storm track is likely to stay active, so there may be more wet weather by this time next week.

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