Staying wet for the near future

1:05 PM, Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Today and tonight: An upper level storm system over Colorado combined with lots of atmospheric moisture will increase the coverage of rain this afternoon in Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. As was the case yesterday, there will probably be some localized heavier showers or thundershowers, so watch out for brief minor flooding. The snow level should be up around treeline, so even the foothills should see rain.

Wednesday-Thursday: The upper storm system will move away but drier air is not really sweeping in behind. So showers and thundershowers remain likely, especially late day, but there will probably be dry periods when the overcast breaks as well.

Friday-Sunday: Another storm system is likely to impact Colorado and Wyoming this weekend (maybe as early as Friday) and draw in even more moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The track is still uncertain, but parts of central/eastern Colorado and/or southeastern Wyoming may see heavy rain (heavy snow in the mountains).

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