Cold & Wet, maybe frost Wed morning

12:30 PM, Monday, May 18, 2015

Since late April we have been in a colder and wetter pattern that what we had earlier in the Spring (in case you hadn’t noticed). Boulder has accumulated 8.69 inches of precipitation since April 16th, and similar wetness can be seen in many Front Range localities.

That pattern is here for at least another week. Today and tomorrow (Tuesday) are likely to be particularly wet and cool. Expect the generally cloudy and dry conditions at midday Monday to be replaced with periods of rain and drizzle (and maybe some locally heavier showers or thundershowers) later today through Tuesday. Significant snows (over 12″) are likely in the mountains above 10,000 feet. That snow level should creep down to Nederland’s elevation tonight with some accumulation (mainly in grassy areas).  Even the lower foothills and possibly Cheyenne should be prepared for some wet snow. It is unlikely that there will be measurable snow in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. If the clouds break up enough on Tuesday night, there could be some frosts along the urban corridor, especially in normal cold spots (like river valleys).

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday are still likely to have showers and thundershowers, but those days are likely to be a little less damp and cool than Tuesday. Another storm in the sequence is likely to arrive at the end of the week, but it is not yet clear if it will result in more widespread steady precipitation for the Front Range.

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