Strong thunderstorms around today, showery this weekend

12:45 PM, Wednesday, June 3, 2015

After a few warm and dry days, the chance for thunderstorms is greater this afternoon and evening. In fact, a few spots will probably experience strong or severe thunderstorms with large hail, heavy rain, and/or strong wind this afternoon or evening.

Afternoon thunderstorms should develop again Thursday afternoon, but probably with lower intensity and less areal coverage than today.

The weather pattern will start to allow tropical Pacific moisture from off the Mexican west coast to move up over the southwestern U.S. this weekend, at least in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere. This part of the Pacific is especially moist due to the current El Nino conditions.  In fact, Hurricane Blanca will likely move toward the Gulf of Baja and add some extra tropical moisture to the pattern this weekend or early next week.

It’s too early to tell if, or how much, this moisture will impact Colorado, but we should at least expect a period with numerous afternoon showers or thundershowers this weekend into next week. At this point it appears that the greatest impact from that moisture fetch may be in southern and/or western Colorado, but it will need to be monitored as Hurricane Blanca (and it’s remnants) move northward.

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