Wet 24-hours, then more typical June weather for weekend

12:55 PM, Thursday, June 11, 2015

A fairly weak but moist storm system will move east across southern Colorado tonight. As it approaches there will be showers and some locally heavy thunderstorms throughout much of Colorado and southern Wyoming this afternoon and evening. Rainfall will be variable, with some locations getting relatively small amounts and others getting intense, downpours. Localized flooding along creeks and in some urban areas this afternoon and evening is likely.

As the storm passes to the south, there may be a period of steady rain tonight and/or Friday morning. The potential for a widespread soaking rain overnight does not look as certain in today’s guidance & observations as it did yesterday. But it still looks like more than a small possibility for a soaking rain tonight/Friday morning and so we should be prepared for a wet morning and the possibility of some regional flooding.

The weekend looks like a typical June weekend with near seasonable temperatures (seasonable is around 80 in the urban corridor), and a scattering of afternoon thundershowers.

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