A little cooler by Sunday; fire danger creeps up

11:55 AM, Friday, August 21, 2015

A cold front on Saturday is not expected to be either as cool or as moist as the one this past Tuesday. In Wyoming temperatures should be a little cooler by Saturday. In Colorado, temperatures may warm rapidly in Saturday morning before leveling out or cooling off, first in the northern Front Range, and later to the south. It is likely that it will still reach around 80 in many low-elevation areas of eastern Colorado on Sunday.

Little or no shower or thunderstorm activity is expected with the cold front, and a dry, warm pattern is expected to continue into next week. Many parts of Colorado north of I-70 have been quite dry since mid July and the risk of wildfires is starting to increase. The smoky skies around now are due to fires to the west and northwest of Colorado. Although the cold front tomorrow may sweep in some cleaner air, the general flow is still from the west and northwest, so we can’t assume that smoky spells won’t reoccur in the coming week.

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