Happy Equinox; Lunar eclipse this Sunday

12:20 PM, Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The autumnal equinox occurs at 2:21 AM Mountain Daylight Time on September 23rd. Front Range weather is likely to cool down to about average for this time of year (low to mid 70s for Denver and Boulder).  There will likely be a few clouds around Wednesday and a very small chance for an afternoon shower, but most areas should remain dry.

Dry and warmer-than-average weather is likely to be back by the weekend. I know we could use some moisture, but the good news for sky watchers is that it may be clear for Sunday evening’s total lunar eclipse. The partial eclipse phase will begin before the moon rises, but the peak period will occur from 8:11 to 9:23 mountain time. The moon won’t be very high in the sky at that early hour, so make sure you seek out a place with a good view to the east.  The moon is also at its closest approach to Earth (called a supermoon) which makes it about 7% larger than when it is at its farthest distance.  So it will be an unusual supermoon eclipse.

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