Nice Weekend; parts of Front Range still waitng for first snow

2:00 PM MST, Friday, November 6, 2015

It should be a nice dry weekend with near average temperatures after a cold start on Saturday morning. Sunday should be a bit warmer than Saturday. The next chance for measurable snow in the lower elevations will come Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

There are snow showers currently in some mountain areas and even a few insignificant sprinkles or flurries on the plains, but the next chance for measurable snow arrives late Tuesday. I’ll update as we get closer if that is looking significant.

Many locations in an area from Denver to extreme southwestern Weld County got their first measurable snow, although quite minor, early Thursday morning. Fort Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs did not. If we don’t get measurable snow next week we will be closer to Boulder’s record for the latest first measurable snow (0.1 inch) which is November 19th. The latest first measurable snow for Fort Collins is December 13th, and for Colorado Springs it’s November 28th.

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