Snow late tonight; worse impacts east of Denver

12:45 PM MST, Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A powerful storm will move fairly quickly through Colorado tonight and intensify as is moves to the southeast of Denver. The Front Range region north of Colorado Springs is likely to get a period of moderate or heavy snow in the predawn hours on Wednesday, but it is not likely to last very long and should be tapering off from west to east by around daybreak. Farther east the snow and wind is likely to linger into the morning creating difficult driving conditions on I-70, I-76, and I-80 as you go toward Kansas and Nebraska. DIA and the far eastern suburbs of Denver might see more prolonged snow and wind than most of the Denver area, so be prepared for flight impacts at the airport.

Initial snow may begin this evening in the high elevations. For the lower elevations of the Front Range, there may be some showery rain or snow after dark, but the most intense part of the storm is likely between midnight and daybreak. Most likely accumulations:

Front Range mountains: 3-6 inches Pikes Peak, Nederland and Estes Park, probably up to 10 inches closer to the continental divide north of I-70.

Front Range urban corridor (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins): highly variable 1-5 inches.

High plains and Cheyenne area: 3-6 inches with low visibility from blowing snow.

Colorado Springs: 1-3 inches north and west sides, probably little or nothing downtown and at the airport. Blowing snow along the Palmer Divide.

Wind: Although the initial round of snow and wind should end tomorrow, a blustery northwest wind is likely to redevelop at times in and along the Front Range into Thursday.

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