Friday: Brief cold snap, some snow possible

1:00 PM, Thursday, November 19, 2015

A cold front from the north on Friday will bring the coldest air of the season late Friday and early Saturday, but really not that unusually cold for November. A brief period of snow is possible following the cold front.


The cold front is likely to reach Cheyenne Friday morning and is expected to move south through the Front Range and eastern plains of Colorado during the late morning through afternoon hours. An hour or two of snow will probably occur in most but not all areas during the late afternoon or evening. Amounts should be light, 0-1 inch in the lower elevations, with a small subset of the area receiving about 2 inches. The higher foothills are more likely to see 1-3 inches, with around 6 near the continental divide.


The weekend should be dry but with a cold start on Saturday (teens in the Denver-Boulder area) and then milder by Sunday.


It appears that a large storm west of Colorado next week will probably not have a major impact on the Front Range, but I’ll be watching because whatever impact there is may be on Thanksgiving Day. If you are driving west for the holiday next Tue-Thu, pay attention to forecasts in mountain areas from northern Utah to northern California.


Many areas of the Front Range (especially north of Denver) have had an unusually high proportion of rain this month given that November is a month that usually sees most of the precipitation fall as snow. In Boulder the average November produces 1.23″ of moisture and 13.3″ of snow. This month we are up to 1.16″ of moisture but only 1.8″ of snow.

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