A few spots may get brief snow flurries or squalls

12:55 PM, Friday, November 20, 2015

A sharp cold front cruised through Boulder and DIA just before noon, and should be through Colorado Springs by 2 PM. Some narrow bands of snow oriented northwest-to-southeast have developed mainly north of Fort Collins through 1PM. A few local spots around Cheyenne experienced brief heavy snow in those bands.


The narrow bands of snow will continue to re-develop and dissipate as the whole areas sags south this afternoon and evening. For the lower foothills through eastern plains, some areas will get little or nothing, while other areas will get a brief period of light accumulating snow. A subset of the area (probably less than 20% of the Front Range region) may receive a brief burst of snow that results in an inch or two.


Accumulations (by midnight):

Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins and lower foothills: 0-1/2 inch, with a smaller portion of the area receiving 1/2-2 inches.


Colorado Springs: most likely a dusting or zero, with just a small chance of an inch.


Nederland, Eisenhower Tunnel approach: an additional 1-3 inches, maybe more up at the high passes.


Thanksgiving outlook: After a cold start on Saturday, Sunday -Tuesday should be dry and milder. A large storm moving southeastward through the northwestern U.S. will likely impact travel in mountain areas Tue-Wed to the west of CO and WY. That storm stands a good chance of bringing snow and cold to the Front Range region on Thanksgiving Day, but at this point it’s uncertain if it will be minor or something more significant.

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