Wintry Thanksgiving

12:15 PM, Monday, November 23, 2015

A cold front on Wednesday is expected to usher in a multi-day cold spell for the Front Range and eastern plains. Low clouds and some light snow or freezing drizzle are likely for Thanksgiving, but a big snowstorm is unlikely.


A large storm system over the West by midweek is likely to spin in place and slowly weaken without ever moving into Colorado. In addition, a large & cold high pressure system is likely to slide down the Front Range  from the north on Wednesday and keep it cold through the holiday weekend, especially Thanksgiving Day and Friday when temperatures are likely to stay in the 20s for the Front Range urban corridor.


The cold air will be relatively shallow, so the result is likely to be low clouds and some periods of light snow or, in the lower foothills and plains, some freezing drizzle and ice fog. Nederland stands a better chance of seeing some breaks in the overcast than the lower elevations.


So the bottom line is: no major storm is expected at this time, but you should plan for some wintry weather on Thanksgiving, possibly beginning late Wednesday.

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