Multi-day winter weather stretch begins Wednesday

1:30 PM, Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A cold front Wednesday morning will initiate a cold period that lasts through the weekend. Thanksgiving Day and Friday are likely to be the coldest days, with occasional light snow and maybe freezing drizzle.



The cold front should move south from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs Wednesday morning (don’t be fooled if it’s still mild early). Low clouds are likely to develop north-to-south late in the day, with some light snow or freezing drizzle possible by Wednesday evening. Occasional snow is then likely Thanksgiving Day and into Friday with temperatures only reaching the 20s during the day.


Amounts over 2 days beginning Wednesday evening:

In and near the foothills and Palmer Divide (west & south side of metro Denver, Castle Rock, Broomfield, Boulder, Cheyenne): 3-6 inches. Maybe a thin coating of freezing drizzle Wednesday night-Thursday morning.


Eastern plains (east side of metro Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins): 1-3 inches.


Colorado Springs area: 2-4 inches (they may get most of theirs on Friday, while Denver-Boulder will probably see more on Thursday than Friday).


Front Range mountains: 3-6 inches, the foothills may get more than the higher mountains, and the overcast may thin at times in the higher elevations.


Saturday-Sunday: although the overcast may thin out a bit and the temperatures may become less cold, a mild sunny weekend is not expected. As the remnants of the western storm finally moves east, there may be another period of snow, but it’s too early to tell right now.




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