More mild & windy; changes next week

4:10 PM, Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mild and occasionally gusty weather is likely through the weekend. The weather won’t be uniform. Some days will be much warmer than average, and other days a little warmer than average, occasionally windy, with no widespread significant precipitation.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) is likely to be particularly windy, especially along the foothills and near the Wyoming border. There may be convective precipitation, probably not strong enough to produce thunder, and most areas will get nothing measurable. The exception will be the higher foothills & mountains (including Nederland) where some light amount of snow is likely.


A change in the weather pattern is likely to bring stormy weather to southern California late in the weekend. That’s typical for an El Niño year, but this year has had a surprising lack of activity in southern California and Arizona despite the El Niño. That storm track is likely to bring changes to the southern and central Rockies next week. It’s too early for specific details about the Front Range, but cooler and more unsettled weather is likely.

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