Cold & snowy end to the week

1:05 PM, Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A round of colder, cloudier, and occasionally snowy weather is likely Thursday evening into Friday for the Front Range region. Although a big snowstorm is not expected, there may be enough to impact travel.


First the challenge, since that’s important in this case. This had been looking like a minor storm, and it very well may be. But today’s developments indicate that there is a little better chance for a period of heavier snowfall rates Thursday night or early Friday, mainly from Denver northward.



Thursday. Some spotty precipitation possible by late afternoon, possibly rain at first in lower elevations. Periods of snow (mainly light, but maybe some brief heavier periods) will probably hold off until after dark.

Friday. Periods of snow, mainly light but maybe some heavier periods. Probably dissipating late in the day.

Saturday. After a cold start, spring will make a comeback with pleasant temperatures by Sunday. Spring begins at 10:30 pm MDT Saturday.



Most likely:

2-4 inches Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Cheyenne

4-6 in Nederland

0-2 inches in Colorado Springs.

Possible (only about 20% chance): 4-7 inches in some northwest-to-southeast bands in the Denver to Cheyenne corridor



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