Snowy this afternoon (Thursday) into Friday

11:55 AM, Thursday, March 17, 2017

The initial snow kicked in a bit earlier than expected (mainly in Larimer, Weld, and Boulder counties) and is melting on the warm road surfaces as of noon. Expect conditions to get more wintry by this evening and into Friday morning.


An area of mainly light snow is expected to become more organized from north to south this afternoon and evening and continue into Friday.  Within the area of light snow we will likely get narrow east-west bands of heavy snow. Most places from Denver to the Wyoming border will probably get at least a brief period of heavier snow sometime late today through early Friday, and a small subset of the area (10-20% of the area) may get a multi-hour period of heavy snow. The chance for the heavy snow is lower south of Denver and north of Cheyenne.



This afternoon: Intermittent snow is likely from Denver northward. The chance for heavier bands of snow will slowly increase, especially north of I-70.

This evening through Friday morning: Light snow, with some localized heavy snow periods.

Friday afternoon: snow becoming more intermittent and dissipating.



Metro Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Cheyenne: most likely 3-6 inches, but a subset of the area will probably see 6-10 inches.

Nederland, Brainard, Estes: 4-10 inches

Colorado Springs: 1-3 inches



Road conditions may change sharply over just a few miles due to the variable nature of snow intensity this afternoon through Friday morning.

Slushy and icy roads likely Friday morning, possibly in some areas by late this afternoon.


Weekend Outlook:

Dry and mainly sunny. After a cold start on Saturday, it should warm up. The next chance for cold, unsettled weather is Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


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