Update: perhaps a small shift toward foothills in heavy snow potential

8:45PM, Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The winter storm late tonight and Wednesday is still poised to produce quite a gradient in snow across the Front Range urban corridor. One change from the midday update is that it appears the storm may begin to intensify rapidly late tonight before it moves into eastern Colorado. That would allow a period of northeasterly upslope flow in the early morning hours and the potential for a brief period of heavy snow (or rain changing to snow) along the foothills before the storm really organizes to the east. There may even be a rumble of thunder. Be prepared for wintry travel tomorrow morning. And if there is little or no snow where you are, check on the conditions where you are going. Accumulation may be highly variable due to localized convective snow.


Most likely accumulation range (and the %chance for at least 10 inches):

Denver, Lakewood, Littleton: 4-8 inches  (20% chance of at least 10)

Castle Rock, Aurora, DIA: 5-10 inches (30% chance of at least 10)

Westminster, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins: 1-5 inches (10% chance of at least 10)

Cheyenne: 4-7 inches  (30 % chance of at least 10)

Colorado Springs: 0-3 inches (almost 0% chance of 10)

Northeastern plains: 6-14 inches (with at least a 50% chance of more than 10)



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