Major storm Wednesday, probably in eastern Wyoming

4:30 PM, Monday, March 28, 2016

A major spring storm moving through the central Rockies and into Nebraska Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday should cause rain and then snow. The biggest impacts are likely to be blizzard conditions in parts of eastern Wyoming and maybe the northeastern plains of Colorado. The Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor will likely be south of the high impact region, but this one will be watched for possible shifts in the development.


Potential for heavy snow (at least 10 inches) and high wind:

Very likely: east-central Wyoming (don’t plan on driving I-25 north from Cheyenne)

40-50% chance: Cheyenne, and the Colorado/Wyoming border areas

10-20% chance: Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins (most likely much less here)

less than 10% chance: Colorado Springs



Precip should be showery rain (maybe thunder) through Tuesday evening, except in Cheyenne area where it could change sooner.

Blustery Wednesday even if it’s not snowing

Thursday: a secondary disturbance following the big storm may bring widespread light snow late Thursday.



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