A weekend of rain and snow

12:45 PM, Friday, April 15, 2016

The much anticipated storm is about to begin this Friday afternoon with rain in all but the highest elevations at first, and then snow at most elevations by Saturday morning. This storm brings the risk of heavy, wet accumulation on grass, trees, and power lines in the urban corridor Saturday morning into early Sunday. Slushy roads will probably occur in places in the low elevations, and snowpacked roads higher up.


Areas above 6500 feet elevation:

Mountains, foothills, Palmer Divide: 1-4 feet by Sunday morning, with the heavier end of that range above 9000 feet elevation. Some minor additional snow may occur intermittently Sunday afternoon and Monday.


Areas below 6500 feet elevation:

Rain and maybe a thunderstorm Friday afternoon and night. Rain changes to snow in most areas by Saturday daybreak (there may be a few areas that are still getting rain). Mainly snow Saturday and Saturday night, with intervals of heavy snow.

Accumulations through Sunday morning in the urban corridor will likely be very variable:

Fort Collins, Longmont, Niwot, Lyons, DIA: 5-11 inches (the higher end is more  likely if it’s already accumulating by daybreak Saturday)

Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, metro Denver: 8-14 inches (the higher end is more likely if it’s already accumulating by daybreak Saturday)

Cheyenne and South Denver suburbs, Castle Rock: 12-18 inches

Colorado Springs: 5-10 inches north and west side, 0-5 as you move south and east


At this time of year snow accumulates more efficiently at night (or at least early and late in the day).  If the changeover Saturday occurs well before sunrise, that increases the chance for the heavier accumulations. Also, moderate or heavy snow Saturday evening will boost the odds of getting the heavier amounts (and boost the odds of tree damage).


Sunday and Monday: unsettled and cool weather, but probably not much additional accumulation.

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