Wet, slushy, cold

6:30 AM, Thursday, April 28, 2016

I’ve been on the road with limited access to internet, but hopefully you are aware of the storm coming in. It should be a cold wet period through the weekend with the main precipitation period coming this afternoon through Friday. Precipitation will likely be mainly rain with some snow in the lower elevations, and mainly snow in the foothills, mountains, and Palmer Divide.


A storm system is moving into the four corners region today and then it will move slowly eastward into the central Great Plains Saturday. Rain and maybe some thunderstorms will likely develop this afternoon in the plains (rain and snow in the foothills and mountains). Precipitation should become all snow down into the foothills this evening, and may into parts of the urban corridor by morning.


Mountains, foothills, Palmer Divide through Saturday morning: around 4-12″ between 6000 and 7000 feet, and 1-2 feet above 7000 feet.

Urban corridor and plains through Saturday morning: Some areas may get no accumulation, most areas probably 1-4 inches, and a few spots may get more. Snow accumulates most efficiently this time of year at night and in the early morning.The forecast assumes that precipitation will be rain most of the night. An unexpected early changeover can add to accumulations. Precipitation is likely to become more intermittent Friday night. Areas of northeastern Boulder County (Longmont), Weld and eastern Larimer County may be most slow to change to snow.


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