Weekend: cooler, and wet at times

12:35 PM, Friday, May 6, 2016

Once again a large storm system should move slowly from the West to the central Plains on the weekend. The good news: this storm is a bit farther north and so it won’t get as cold as last weekend, and the clouds and rain should not be as persistent. The bad news: there is likely to be some wet periods (especially from Denver north), and a few spots may get strong thunderstorms with hail Saturday afternoon or evening.


Timing: there is a small chance for a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or evening, and a better chance on Saturday (mainly in the afternoon and evening). Showers and thunderstorms are a risk everywhere, but the chance for a multi-hour period of steady rain will increase as you go from Denver to Cheyenne.

Sunday should have dry periods but may very well bring another round of showers, but less chance for strong thunderstorms.


Snow: This system is warmer and snow should be mainly above 9000 feet, with some minor amounts perhaps moving down to 7000 feet with time.

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