Nice (but maybe not perfect) spring weekend

12:40 PM, Friday, May 13, 2016

The good news is that we are not looking at a slow moving storm for the weekend. The less good news is that it will likely be a bit cooler than today with some clouds and a small amount showers around.


At noon Friday a well-defined cold front was moving south through northeastern Colorado, so the midday temperatures are probably as warm as it will get for the next few days. No rain is expected.


Saturday and Sunday are expected to be cooler (but not much below average) with a small chance of showers or thundershowers developing in the afternoon or evening Saturday, and a slightly better chance on Sunday afternoon. There is a small chance that the cold front will trigger a period of low clouds late tonight and Saturday morning, but I think that is unlikely. If you are heading west, the cold front should have little or no effect west of the continental divide.


Right now it appears that Monday-Wednesday may bring a cool and somewhat wet period.

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